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‘Mentoring Your Art Journey—One Step at a Time’ 

As a full time painter I am obviously focused on creating artworks for exhibitions and galleries. I have also done quite a bit of teaching and demonstrating (see below). I am frequently asked how I got to where I am and would I be ‘willing to speak with a striving artist about this business and/or their own work. Short answer is Yes’.

What I have found works well is for us to schedule a date to discuss your specific concerns. It might be technique, ideas, or subject matter, or paint handling or other business-related issues or simply unraveling confusion. Or all of the above. I think of it as personal mentoring at the exact point in your art journey–and talking through your next step. No matter how small.

I do this first Mentoring Meeting at no cost–just my way of paying it forward. We will talk over things for approximately 90 minutes and hopefully you will leave with a more clear idea of what your next step is. Email me at to discuss a time that might work for us both. Don’t be shy–I have been where you are and know the angst it can create.

Regarding specific mediums, I am quite experienced in using acrylic and its various additives and texture mediums; watercolor both transparent and gouache; mixing water-based media together for unusual effects; and water-based inks. I have years worth of experience in painting plein air or in a studio setting using watercolor or acrylic,  with past experience with oils but currently use only water-based mediums. I rely on sketchbooks for working out design and snapshots for inspiration as necessary.

If you find yourself needing information from a person who has been in the trenches trying to figure things out, who has stumbled through both good and bad advice, or if you’d just like to confirm your sense of where you’re currently at, just contact me. I’ll put the coffee on. 


sketch winni deck w flower pot sm

Watercolor or Acrylic Painting Instruction

Due to my heavy schedule of preparing new artworks it is difficult to provide group classes on a regular basis. So I am providing individual lessons for students focusing on your specific needs, spending time with you to develop your work at your pace. Please contact me at to discuss your specific interests.



I enjoy teaching workshops for adult artists and assisting each person in evaluating their current work and assisting them in developing stronger work overall. My background as an artist and instructor includes:

-Rhode Island College, Providence RI, BA Studio painting–classic foundations of art curriculum; life drawing, painting, design, art history

25+ years experience in advertising and graphic design, illustration, brand development–every day employed art foundations concepts solving a multitude of visual and verbal problems in traditional and digital media

Currier Art Center, art school of the Currier Gallery of Art in Manchester, NH–workshops and classes included watercolor, mixed media, drawing and plein air oil painting since 1997.

-Presented several teacher workshops on Andrew Wyeth and master watercolor techniques at the Currier Museum of Art.

NH Institute of Art in Manchester–Drawing in Color, Acrylics for continuing education and certificate programs.

Granite State College (previously known as College of Lifelong Learning)–classes in watercolor and drawing.

-Various demonstrations including “Acrylic-a-phobia” for Manchester Artists Association, NH; demos for Addison Art Gallery on Cape Cod; League of NH Craftsmen Fair at Sunapee, NH; demonstration of ink drawing with watercolor at Copley Society of Art, Boston, MA.

Apotheca Flower and Tea Shoppe, Goffstown, NH classes of how to work in watercolor direct from flowers; sketching with ink and watercolor.

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