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Last week for ‘Along the Waterfront’


16493 Meeting Up acryl canv 18x18 sm

Meeting Up, 18×18, acrylic on canvas.

Last week to see ‘Along the Waterfront’ exhibition at the NH Art Association Levy Gallery at 138 State Street in Portsmouth, NH. See¬† If interested in a particular artwork contact NHAA or contact me through my website at¬†where you will find complete contact information.

Copley Society Artist Residency at Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA

Using golden Open acrylics--longer time to dry that traditional acrylics. Work quite well.

Plein air painting as the tide gets closer to my feet.

As I catch up with my necessary duties as an artist (marketing, organizing, packing, shipping, emailing, inventorying, etc.), I am itching to get back in the studio to explore and play with the exciting new approaches to my art I discovered during my month-long residency at FAWC in Provincetown on Cape Cod. From toying with more abstract thinking to working without references, from meeting new faces to meeting famous faces–Paul Resika, Berta Walker, Constantine Manos–I have so much to internalize about my experience. Good thing the winter hibernation season is coming soon. Not that I hibernate of course. But those nice quiet snowfalls will be perfect backdrop as I dig deep into my thoughts.

Copley Society Artist Residency– More Than Meets the Eye


Here is one of those things that happens when you least expect it. Our first meeting was at the Thrift Store as we were selecting items to outfit our studios. Ilona was trying to squeeze through a narrow hallway in the shop and I moved to let her go by. Just that little courtesy was enough to have her comment on what a nice person I was. I was more impressed with the energy of this little lady as she worked her way around the shop and gathered her treasures to have the cashier take her money–all of 3.50 I believe. Then she donates several small coin pouches which she is lightening her load as she is packing to go back to New York for the winter. What a memorable experience and we have only been in Ptown for two days.

Next we head to a life drawing class at the Provincetown Art Association Museum (PAAM) a beautiful facility with many famous artworks by historic painters here on the Cape–Charles Hawthorne, Henry Hensche, Franz Kline, Paul Resika to name a few. And in walks Ilona, who will draw and moderate the timing for the life drawing session. Perfect timing, all business, and ends the class by letting us know this is her last session as she is heading back to NYC. I couldn’t stand it any longer, I has to get a photo with her and some of the class members were kind enough to take the shots. As you can see Ilona is a hoot. Had to fix her bright orange hair before the photo was taken–not sure I can tell the difference but more importantly she could. And adjust her extra long false eyelashes. At age 94–yes 94–she could out think any one of us. She is a well known character around here and we (Barbara Greenstein, another Copley Fellow also in the pic on the right) are very pleased to have met her. If this is a sign of things to come, we can now see that our experience will be way more than what meets the eye.

Dockside Colors in Action

detail of 30x24 painting

detail of 30×24 painting

Scenes like this in coastal Maine–full of shapes and color, lines and forms, complex details and light–are scenes that I enjoy sorting out and abstracting elements to work with. I don’t know the exact outcome when I begin just that there are enough things that interest my imagination and then I begin the process of building a painting. See website for recent works


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Messy, uncommon, friendly contemporary landscape paintings inspired by the New England landscape

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