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Two Openings in One September!

Discover my  messy, uncommon, friendly contemporary art on Facebook at AnnTrainorDomingueArt, blog at AnnTrainorDomingueBlog, website at, Instagram at atdomingue. Please share–thank you.

opening postcard web 5x5 Portland Sept 2019


opening postcard web 5x5 Sullivan Sept 2019


Art Journey and Red Power Boots

I began this painting several years ago and after being seen and exhibited it found its way back to me. I looked at it again with a new point of view gathered along the way on my art journey. The overall design of the piece I still liked but some of the details especially in the figures were not defined enough. The colors were more muted than I felt the piece now needed. So, next step was to hang it on the studio wall and rethink my previous effort. The earlier work is not a wasted effort though, its just that my point of view and my ability to ‘see’ how all the parts relate to each other has improved.

One way I make renovations/changes/improvements is by testing my rework idea by drawing with chalk first to envision the new shapes on top of the dry paint. When I see better shapes and interactions I then begin to reevaluate color and layer over the old paint. I have more confidence in this approach now because I use Golden Open slow dry acrylic to layer paint knowing I can easily wipe off the change if needed. This ability to make changes and edit on the fly is really a game changer for me.

‘Forever Arm in Arm in Power Boots’ 36×36 on canvas is now one of my favorites. My charismatic neighbor saw it and noticed I had put her red gardening boots on the woman figure–she called them ‘power boots’ so I adopted the idea and lengthened the title of the piece. She so embodies the power boots idea. Thank you Friede!

Lessons learned: Pay attention to your neighbor’s gardening boots. And renewing older work puts my newest learning into action.


One Day Outdoor Art Show!

opening postcard web 5x5 uaoc 2019

Stop by Uncommon Art on the Common outdoor art show on Saturday, August 3, 9-3. Over 40 artists in various mediums from painting to jewelry to handcrafted wooden birdhouses! A beautiful way to spend a summer day–visit local eateries, rest on the new benches positioned around town, and of course browse the artwork created by local NH artists. Hope you’ll share the news and stop by! Thank you.

Poster UAOC 8-5x11 2019 FINAL

New Gallery Representation

opening postcard web 5x5 Portsmouth2019

I’m happy to begin a relationship with Powers Gallery located in Acton, MA. They are about one hour drive from my home in Goffstown NH making it a reasonable commute to swap work, and my work compliments the group of artists they represent. I look forward to working with them and meeting other artists of the gallery. This summer show opening reception is Saturday, June 22, 4-7. Stop by if you can I’d love to meet you and find out what you like in art. Thanks for your support, Ann.

Socializing — a nice thing to do

191031 A Welcome Visit acryl canv 18x18

A Welcome Visit, acrylic on canvas, 20×20, available at

A thought as the week unfolds.

Online ‘Social Media’ seems to have developed into an ugly hateful thing today. At the outset what appeared to be a way for people to communicate freely has also become a way for people to dis, disparage, hurt, embarrass, troll, stalk; to cruelly and intentionally harm another with relentless effort. And worse yet do physical or mental harm. Unfortunately online words and actions of bullying in all its ugly forms stay in the universe of digital communications forever. Horrible for those being bullied and disrespected and horrible for the bully when they realize someday how wrong they were to treat another human being as though they had no heart or soul.

As Americans we have the freedom to speak out in the ether or face to face. We cannot force someone else to listen to, read, or believe our words. We should be allowed to come to our own conclusions without fear of retribution, or harm or worse. And after a frank unresolved discussion still be able to be in one another’s company. And be nice to each other. Be polite.

Here’s to proper socializing making a comeback where kindness and respect for another’s different opinion matters. Here’s to keeping friendships alive despite  differences. Here’s to being brave enough to accept challenges to an opinion. Here’s to having friendships matter more than anything. Here’s to being nice.

Lesson learned: Niceness matters.



Upon Me to Change

19988 Upon You acr canv 36x36 sm

“Upon You’ 36×36 acrylic on canvas (sold at Portland Art Gallery, Portland Maine)

Over the winter I made a focused effort to begin to explore how I could transition my work toward an abstract approach. My recent work has evolved from plein air/impressionist  to an illustrative approach. Then on toward a narrative style by adding people and a ‘story’. In following this evolution I’m now working on fresh new ways–for me– to work with my subject matter and medium.

The painting above is one that incorporates some of the elements I’ve been working with for several years–buildings, people, woodlands, boats, blues. What I have done here is use a limited palette–a small group of colors instead of the intense vibrant options I commonly select. This forced me to lean on the design of shapes to create a painting rather than the intensity of colors. It was not easy as I tried not to reach for an orange or red. 🙂

The under painting beneath this final image is where I played with colors and let the painting evolve. Left is painting on top of a previous work; right is building more surface texture with paint layers, middle is developing a narrative/story line–which in some of my work is more subtle.

20190201_102539   20190204_165126   20190201_122225

I continue on this art journey in a place that is tapping into unknown areas of my process and challenging me to move along in a different but related direction. This thread of connection to my previous work helps ground me as I work–as I am not a fan of freefalling. But I’ll get there. Thank you for following and sharing my work. 

Lesson learned: Only I can make my work.

Begin Where I Ended

92411 Gem of the Moon 6x6 sm

Gem of the Moon 6×6 acrylic 2011

It used to be a real problem for me to paint a series of related images. For some reason I thought I had already done a painting in a subject and felt I needed to move on to something else.–to flowers to semi abstract to drawing to painting to landscape to seascape to farmland to animals to children to still life, and on and on. Until I finally accepted the advice of a non-artist friend to ‘just do another one similar but different’.

Seemed so simple.

Domingue_3_ Heading In and Out

Heading In and Out acrylic 36×36  2014

I was of the mind that I should do something very different than my most recent work. The general public doesn’t know you did that earlier version and you will not be making an exact copy of it again. As a creative person I should just be able to shift aspects from size, to color combination, to content and create a new art piece based on an earlier one’. At last the definition of working in a series made sense to me.

17631 Right at Home 18x18 acryl canv sm

Right at Home acrylic 18×18 2017

I now thread my way to the next piece–moving just a little forward, sometimes sideways from my current work to make progress toward something different yet connected by threads of color, forms, subject, painting style or line work. It is amazing how the words of Robert Henri, an American artist and member of the Ashcan School in NYC, born in 1865– “Don’t worry about your originality. You couldn’t get rid of it even if you wanted to. It will stick with you and show up for better or worse in spite of all you or anyone else can do.”

18913 Just Ask acryl panel 10x10

Just Ask acrylic 10×10 2018

After having done many hundreds of paintings in my lifetime I now can see the thread of ideas and style begun many years ago. I continue patching new pieces of my story to my already established quilt of my painting life.

Lesson learned: Pickup where you left off and take a small step.

If you are in Portsmouth NH over April, please stop by my solo show ‘Undercurrents’ new works for 2019 at Kennedy Gallery on Market Street, Portsmouth. Thank you! –Ann

Grateful for Quiet

What a year it has been. A combination of difficult and easy times. Of stressful  and relaxing ones. Which when looked at altogether make up a life that I am grateful for– plenty of family, friends, new acquaintances, and old friends saying hello. Also now apparent are the later life stages now arriving for my senior parents as we accept the inevitable and help them through. I know many of you have been through these same difficulties and have learned to accept the good with the bad. I and my siblings will be doing the same in 2019. I will be putting more time toward resolving some issues surrounding family but will never be but a few steps away from my peaceful place, at home with close family, or in the quiet of my studio.

Thank you all for following my journey in art and I hope you’ll be there as I begin anew in 2019.

Lesson learned: Things always come to pass.

Not Sure Why or How

Walking around on a dreary day in Portland Maine recently I wandered into the old port area where weather worn textures and surfaces are everywhere. Buildings, boats, structures of all kinds, and even the people. For some reason the edginess has always appealed to me–although I’m never clear on why or how to incorporate these things into my work. Or even if I should. The process of working as an artist is always evolving so what seems right one day may not be the next. And so it goes. I am looking forward to examining these images more closely and working on a bit of the ‘why and how’ as the New England winter arrives.

View 15 of my newest works at the Portland Art Gallery on Middle Street in Portland, Maine through November– ‘Together In This’ exhibition by AnnTrainorDomingue

Lesson learned: Take the pics and ask questions of myself later. 

Open Studio & Sale, Nov 3 and 4, 2018 at Ann Trainor Domingue studio

opening postcard web 5x5 OS2 2018

Once a year I open my studio and home to my fans, supporters, collectors and those curious about my work. If you’ve always wanted to peek into an artist’s studio– now is your chance! On Saturday and Sunday November 3rd and 4th, 10-4, I will be here to greet and talk with you about your interests in art. Feel free to browse through 100+ paintings I have created over the last few years. Small sizes to large, giclee prints (high quality ink-jet images on heavy-weight archival paper), series of notecards featuring some of my popular artworks, over a hundred small size watercolor and ink sketches and drawings, and a few other special items. I’d love to see you. Visit for details and directions of this statewide arts and shopping event.

Hope you’ll join me for a wonderful art-filled weekend!

Lesson learned: Be Open. 

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