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Not Sure Why or How

Walking around on a dreary day in Portland Maine recently I wandered into the old port area where weather worn textures and surfaces are everywhere. Buildings, boats, structures of all kinds, and even the people. For some reason the edginess has always appealed to me–although I’m never clear on why or how to incorporate these things into my work. Or even if I should. The process of working as an artist is always evolving so what seems right one day may not be the next. And so it goes. I am looking forward to examining these images more closely and working on a bit of the ‘why and how’ as the New England winter arrives.

View 15 of my newest works at the Portland Art Gallery on Middle Street in Portland, Maine through November– ‘Together In This’ exhibition by AnnTrainorDomingue

Lesson learned: Take the pics and ask questions of myself later. 

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  1. Livvymom #

    I love how your work captures simple, weathered feelings and gestures. Maybe you will have the chance to experiment with it. There is something about gray, dreary days that calls out for a less glossy view of life. And tea.


    November 6, 2018
    • Thank you go your thoughtful comment. I spent part of the day driving in the mist to visit my mom who has Alz. The muted colors are so beautiful in their own right. Somewhat peaceful despite chaos of life. I look forward to working with the images I posted now that my busy season has wrapped up. I’ll let you know when I’m at seacoast and maybe we could meet for coffee and snack and painting delivery 🙂 Cheers, Ann


      November 6, 2018

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