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Windows of Story Island


17701 Windows on Story Island acryl canv 36x36

Windows on Story Island, acrylic on canvas, 36×36

This painting began as a series of 8 rectangles each containing an image inspired by visits to Monhegan Island, Maine. The colors were quite intense and rich–see below.

Story Island process

Original look at the painting process 36×36, acrylic on canvas, Story Island. Large photo above is final image.

I made individual paintings based on a few of the squares but was still not entirely happy with the overall large painting–too much going on, not enough integration, too many ideas. So simplification became the mantra for a revision.

As time goes by and I learn and incorporate new aspects of artmaking into my work I discover things that will help improve or change some of my earlier works. this is a good example of this process.

I began by eliminating areas of the painting that I was no longer happy with–whether it be color, shapes, subject. And then began thinking of the concept of ‘windows’ looking at several views at once which was the original concept for this painting. There I found my answer to simplify the concept and quiet to overall tonality into a more thought-provoking piece. It might not suit everyone who sees it, but as I look through the windows, it now suits me just fine.

Lesson learned: I own the images I create and have the right to modify as I wish. Just because it is on my website, has been at a gallery, has been seen by others, has been loved by others–I feel good about continuing my art journey, modifying my travel plans as I go along.

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  1. Pat Nelson #

    I like the new final piece. I think it reflects how we take in so many snapshots at once when we are immersed in a scene.


    September 1, 2017
  2. Pat Nelson #

    Oops, just realized maybe I was confused about which painting was the final one. The caption under the smaller image says “Final look…” but the text implies the larger image might be the final one. Oh, well… guess I didn’t quite absorb it all the first time thru!


    September 1, 2017
    • Thanks for your note– I will reread and be sure I am being clear. Thanks for being somewhat confused. 🙂


      September 1, 2017

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